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Yoga Nidra

Available now at the University of Richmond bookstore and online at CD Baby for either cd purchase or download.  Contact me for direct purchasing info.

Short intro and 37 minute guided yoga nidra practice taught in the Satyananda tradition

"I practiced Yoga Nidra yesterday using your CD. It is awesome, just like being in class! I took it a step further and did it on the bedroom floor in front of the fireplace. The sound and warmth from the fire really added to the relaxation." Jane W., Richmond, VA

"Thank you so much for the cd and the mp3 version of your beautiful practice. I am doing it daily with a resolve for health and strength. It is so good to have you as a part of my journey, and I greatly appreciate your generosity on so many levels."  With love, Nanci H., Landenberg, PA

"Thanks Evelyn! Love the cd, love you!" Nancie W., Santa Fe, NM

Yoga Primer

". . . As the title suggests, these sessions are a basic introduction to yoga postures and breathing and most appropriate for beginning students. Zak has a detailed and low-key instructional style that challenges the student while at the same time respecting his or her limitations."
Yoga Journal, Feb 1996

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This cd was professionally recorded at Onley Farm Studios in Onancock, VA. Pooh Johnston provides background music. Response is tremendous, with new students as well as other yoga teachers appreciating the gentle guidance provided. Each track begins with a sitting breath awareness exercise. Part A offers some reclining warmups, standing yoga mudra, half-moon, bridge, reclining twist, wind-relieving pose and relaxation. Part B moves from breath work to sitting and reclining twists, mountain, balancing knee to chest, boat, child's pose, knee down twist, and relaxation.

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